Cousyn Grading & Demolition
Since 1972

Cousyn Grading & Demolition, Inc., is a family-owned corporation serving Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties. We are fully licensed (contractor’s license number #289755) and insured up to $2 million dollars in liability, twice the insurance most grading and demolition companies carry.

In business since 1972, co-owners Nick and David Cousyn have over fifty years’ combined experience addressing client needs and working on-site at grading and demolition projects. We specialize in grading and compaction for custom homes.

Services provided:
• Demolition
• Grading
• Custom compaction for custom home pads
• All clean-up after demolition
• Excellent customer service with our clients and their neighbors

“We enjoy working one-on-one with people and knowing our clients are fully satisfied when we leave the job site." –Nick Cousyn, co-owner and founder