Cousyn Grading & Demolition
Since 1972

“Laying the groundwork for your dreams"

At Cousyn Grading & Demolition, we specialize in custom homes.

Experience is key to pulling structures down properly and creating a pad that will work with the plans for your custom home. Since 1972, we’ve been forming pads that affect everything in a custom home, literally from the ground up.

At Cousyn Grading & Demolition, our team of qualified, knowledgeable professionals and fleet of superior equipment will take great care with your property as well as surrounding properties and structures. We talk with neighbors before projects, and clean up all debris from demolitions.

We are fully licensed and carry $2 million liability insurance—twice that of most competitors.


Because we enjoy working one-on-one with every one of our clients, when you are ready to begin work on your project, please contact us for a bid and we will get to know you and your needs as we guide you through the process.

Please be advised that before we can give an accurate bid for most projects, you will need to do the following:
• Provide us with proper plans and a soils report

Also, before work can begin on your project, you should plan to:
• Obtain an asbestos report and conduct asbestos abatement
• Obtain your permits from the city
• Disconnect all utilities

If you have questions about how to obtain these documents, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

-Cousyn Grading & Demolition
Contractor’s License Number #289755